YouRenew was founded with a clear vision: to offer a simple, responsible outlet for used gadgets - and to allow anyone to get paid to recycle.

The Backstory

Our journey began in early 2008, when our founders, Bob Casey and Rich Littlehale met as classmates at Yale University. During a trip home to Chicago, Bob attended a conference on sustainability and began thinking about how many cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets are cast aside each year.

Upon returning to New Haven, Bob shared these thoughts with Rich, and posed the question - what if there was a hassle-free way for consumers to responsibly sell their used devices - a way to pay gadget-lovers for their old items, while keeping electronics from ending up in the trash? And what if those devices could be refurbished and reused by new owners?

Realizing that tens of millions of old phones, laptops, and other gadgets lay unused across the country, Bob and Rich decided that this was a problem that deserved a solution. Within a few weeks they had launched cell phone recycling drives with two local charities in order to test the market. Their dorm rooms were soon filled with hundreds of mobile phones, and they knew that they had hit upon a real opportunity.

In early 2009 YouRenew expanded beyond charity programs and launched its online trade-in platform at - allowing anyone to Get Paid to Recycle. The response to the website was awesome - and the YouRenew team grew by leaps and bounds. A year later, we launched a full service trade-in solution for corporations (learn more at

Since the launch of we have processed hundreds of thousands of items and have expanded into a variety of categories - adding tablets, conferencing gear, and more. Today, we serve a wide range of customers, from individual consumers to Fortune 500 companies - and we're still having fun!